Bryan F. Jacoutot is an attorney at Atlanta-based law firm, Taylor English Duma. His practice centers on general litigation and election law.

Bryan's election law practice focuses on civil litigation, appellate litigation, and government affairs. He primarily represents governments, candidates, and companies in election matters. He frequently litigates constitutional right-to-vote claims in federal court.

When not litigating elections matters, Bryan is actively building out Taylor English Duma's Bitcoin practice group. A team of lawyers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines help ensure clients in the Bitcoin space receive comprehensive advice to tackle the unique and often complex issues they face in this growing industry.

In addition to the law, Bryan devotes significant time to studying economics, history, technology, and public policy. Though seemingly distinct, these areas often intersect with one another and the law generally. The "Beyond Law" section of this site is dedicated to these topics, with a particular focus on Bitcoin.